Greetings from Yuma Arizona

The name ‘femhansa’ stems from the Norwegian ‘five hansons’. There are five of us brothers, all with special artistic talents so the name femhansa artists.
Ya sure, we are norsk!!
Timothy Hanson has been working with metal for over 25 years. He went into independent jewelry design in 1989 and has been steadily building his design catalog since. With the advent of the world wide web, he started his website in the mid 90s and has been learning HTML code and small object photography. Both obviously need further growth.
This information page is for updating what plans are in work. ‘ where is he now’ and schedule of shows along with comments by past customers.

The Shows in Arizona are in full swing. Our Potpourri Artist group is busy and I am off to some independent shows. Quartzite will start again soon with getting reaqauinted with old sources and then of course the big one in Tucson AZ. Hope to find some nice gems to work with and replenish short supplies of gem stones. I have also joined another group in Yuma- the Northend Artists Co-op. We have a window front in old town to display our works. The Tuesday Farmers Market of Arts and Craft will start up the first Tuesday of December with the new street down in old town. This year I have added some Turquoise in Silver pieces to the collection of items at my table there. I have succesfully completed air casting some gold settings and do this on Saturdays at the United Building on Main Street. I hope to have some photos added soon to the Past Design page here of the pieces I have made to order for customers. So, if in passing through or just here in Yuma stop by and say hello.

Birthstone List
Month Birthstone Alternate
January Garnet Garnet
Febuary Amethyst Amethyst
March Aquamarine Bloodstone
April White Sapphire Diamond
May Emerald Green Spinel
June Alexandrite Pearl or Moonstone
July Ruby Ruby
August Peridot Sardonyx
September Sapphire Sapphire
October Rose Zircon Opal or Pink Tourmaline
November Golden Sapphire Yellow Topaz
December Blue Zircon Turquoise or Lapis Lazuli